Customized Solutions For Your Tool Needs

How it works

If your company is in the Southern California Area:  We have developed a unique and simple way to help you organize your tools.  A member of our team will come to your shop and work with your team to create customized shadow boxes for your tools.  With our methods you won’t need your engineering team, the specific dimensions or CAD drawing of the tool or part.  You also won’t have to box up, pay for shipping and send us your tools. FoamFittingSolutions will help your company become LEAN which follows the 5S Methodology. This is a great way for any company to become more efficient and standardized.

For companies outside of the Southern California Area:  We still will be able to provide you with your customized foam solutions, however the process will require a different level of involvement.  Fill out our online form and someone will contact you to discuss your specific requirements.  


SORT – the necessary tools from the unnecessary 

STRAIGHTEN – the tools so they are organized and ready to use

SHINE – the work environment so that it is clean 

STANDARDIZE – the process of tool use

SUSTAIN – a safe and orderly work environment

Increase efficiency, eliminate the need to search for your tools or parts and protect them at the same time. All of this will save time and money.  Our high end foam in contrasting colors shows what tool is missing at a glance. Our foam is tear resistant and doesn’t absorb liquids.  MSDS sheets are available upon request. 

Contact FoamFittingSolutions today to find out how we can improve your efficiency by providing your company with a clean 5s solution for all your manufacturing, assembly and maintenance areas.  

Take a look at our portfolio and contact us to schedule a time for us to come and show you what can be done.  


FindYourTool Services

Tool Control

Manufacturing facilities and the maintenance crew all have something in common, they use tools to maintain, update, manufacture and assemble products. For maintenance, your tools are your most important asset. For manufacturing and assembly, tools are used to meet customer demand and assemble products. Challenges arise when the necessary tool isn’t in the correct location or tool box when you need it. All too often, tools fall off the table, are borrowed or simply grow feet and walk away. When this happens a lot of time is spent trying to track down that necessary tool. can save you the time wasted trying to find your tools or keep them organized. Contact Us today and never have to search for your tools again.

FOD Control

FOD Control stands for Foreign Object Debris and it is very important for companies to manage this. With our process and ability to standardize we can help you with your FOD control. If you have manufactured parts and are an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) or Tier 1 supplier provider, then you will understand the importance. Contact Us to Assist with your FOD Control

Inventory Control

Through our experience we have assisted with several companies with Inventory Control, which reduces your WIP and assists with your (OWC) Operating Working Capital. We find that in typical companies they have a receiving and inspection area and this will be where all parts come in to the facility. We can assist them with standardizing parts that come in for a job and allow them to reduce time in 2 areas. One restocking and the other looking and searching for a part when its ready to be assembled or used. If your shop is located in the Los Angelas Area we will come to your shop and provide guidance and assistance. Contact us today

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