We Are A Women Owned, Customer Focused Company Providing Efficient Tooling, Inventory and FOD Control Solutions for your 5s efforts.  

We also customize drawer and case inserts for your guns, photography and video equipment.   


We are a family operated business located in Southern CA with over 25 years of experience providing solutions and reducing costs for fortune 500 companies. With a background as a Certified Master Black Belt, using Six Sigma and Lean methodologies, we have helped many companies lean out their manufacturing, improve processes, increase productivity and decrease costs.

We take great pride knowing that our solutions are in the hands of industry leaders in Aerospace, Automotive, Semiconductor, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Energy, Federal, Military, Food and State agencies.

Not only do we supply a service to multiple industries, we also provide a great solution at an affordable price. Our goal is to build a relationships with our customers that will grow into long lasting business partnerships.


  1. We our located in Southern California
  2. We are partnering with major distribution companies that you already have a relationship with
  3. We eliminate the major barriers faced when using traditional shadow box and packaging solutions.  


  1. Since we are based in Southern California our shipping costs are much lower for our customers on the west coast.
  2. Our process has eliminated the need for CAD or Engineering layouts for your tools or parts. If you have them we can use them
  3. Our turnaround time is much less than others
  4. We have developed a simple online form for you to complete, standardizing this for you     
  5. We have a simplified method, which allows you to take an outline of your tools along with some measurements. It really is that SIMPLE.  

Whether you are purchasing a new tool box, adding a new tool to fit in your existing tool box, changing tools for the operation plan, improving your inventory and assembly areas with customized shadow trays for your parts, or needing a way to keep your gun from moving around in a drawer or just want your photography and video equipment safe when you travel, we have a complete, end-to-end solution for you.

FoamFittingSolutions improves the speed, quality and reduces overall cost for your organizations 5s projects. 


We are committed and excited champions of quality and process improvements.

We establish and safeguard personal and organizational credibility by maintaining a culture of high ethical values and standards. We are honest with ourselves and our customers about our capabilities.

We challenge the status quo and are always striving to identify ways to help you and exceed your expectations.

We work with you and understand that each area of your business is valued the same, its just they have different priorities.  We strive to assist in working with you and your organization.

Customer Focus
We are working to forge long term relationships with our customers, suppliers and partners.  As a startup, we are hungry and want to make our customers happy with their choice.  We work extra hard to build relationships through our partnerships.  We identify and select customers who can attain maximum benefit from the solutions we deliver.  We simply listen to you and provide guidance when and where needed.

With a vision of creating valuable, long term relationships with our customers and suppliers

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